• Zach Zeidler: Embodiment Deconstructed - I study epilepsy, the core symptom of which is seizures. Sometimes seizures take over the entire body, sometimes only the mind, and sometimes they’re restrained to small backwaters of the brain. My current project studies how seizures generated in the hippocampus, a brain area needed for new long-term memories and mental maps, can be stopped […]
  • Reese Fuller: Transit - Using whatever media you choose, explore the sensation and emotions you associate with embarking on a long journey by train, plane, or bus. Consider focusing on the temporary proximity to total strangers (pleasant or unpleasant), the blurry tininess of the rest of the world outside of your experiential bubble, the wistfulness of leaving somewhere you’ve […]
  • Alex Ajayi: Life Nuggets - This week, MMCCLL collabed with Alex Ajayi – friend, roommate (to Cori), and psych PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota. Alex’s past research/work addresses topics such as discrimination, queer experience, and identity.  From Alex: Stories are fundamental to the human experience. We often think and speak in story form, culture is transmitted through stories, […]
  • Ben Rinehart: Censorship: Exploring the Fringe; Questioning the Source; The End of Suppression - MCL was honored this week to collaborate with an old professor//respected mentor//inspiring artist, Ben Rinehart. Ben is currently an associate professor of Studio Art at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI.  From Ben:  My work has been censored, damaged, and ridiculed over the years for a variety of reasons, but mostly for being up front about […]
  • Sophie Durbin: The Cravings Have Gotten More Grotesque - Note from MMCCLL: We saw this post from Sophie on FB and thought it would be the perfect time to ask her to collab with us: Sophie later told me (Cori), “I’ve recently found that if I need things, I just need to ask” [a huge paraphrase on my part]. But anyway, from Sophie:  A […]
  • JP Merz: Test the Waters - So I’m not exactly sure how this works but it seems like there is some sort of theme to the response process and a loose prompt usually. So here’s mine.   I work a lot with electronic music, but my tendencies lean towards the experimental/contemporary classical tradition. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been working within […]
  • Matt Lowe: Sounds of my City - I captured this sound bite while standing next to the train tracks that run parallel to the southeast wall of my house. The closest set of tracks is about 20 feet from the window of my office. Trains go by on this track completely dominate the view from any window on that side of the […]
  • Chris Misch: Abstraktes Bild - I write a lot of music…however, sometimes I get stuck writing in loops or any kind of repetitive pattern. Although the material will be good, it is not enough to stand alone as a piece of music. This week I took a loop that I wrote and deconstructed it in order to flush out the […]
  • Cori Lin: Redo - I spent this past week applying for jobs for next year. Since my Americorps term ends in June I am looking for other things. I wrote this resume and cover letter for a different Americorps position, one that focuses on professional development for young people committed to working in non-profits/the social sector. I hated myself after writing […]
  • Jami Lin: Keepers at the Floating Bridge - Jami Lin, Cori’s sister, sent us a chapter of her forthcoming book entitled, “Keeper’s At the Floating Bridge.” We will not be posting the entire chapter, but she has given us permission to share an excerpt. Here is a passage that resonated strongly with all of us; the description of the sea sets the dark […]

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