Reese Fuller: Transit

Using whatever media you choose, explore the sensation and emotions you associate with embarking on a long journey by train, plane, or bus. Consider focusing on the temporary proximity to total strangers (pleasant or unpleasant), the blurry tininess of the rest of the world outside of your experiential bubble, the wistfulness of leaving somewhere you’ve been rooted, the excitement of beginning a new journey, or even a combination of some or all of the above. 


Don’t Talk to Me: a Toolkit to Deter Approachers

My choices for transportation (in order of preference) are 1) biking 2) walking 3) driving 4) bus.  Unless I want to go to the Mall of America, the Airport, or St. Paul, the LightRail is not really an option. When I am on public transportation, or even just in public, I don’t totally **experience** my […]

Cabin Pressure

When traveling by train, plane, or bus we are crammed into very close quarters with strangers. Many people these days like to distract themselves with watching movies, listening to movies, reading, or sleeping. Despite our best efforts to close ourselves off from each other in these periods of overwhelming stimulation, human interactions are unavoidable because of […]


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