Alex Ajayi: Life Nuggets

This week, MMCCLL collabed with Alex Ajayi – friend, roommate (to Cori), and psych PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota. Alex’s past research/work addresses topics such as discrimination, queer experience, and identity. 

From Alex:

Stories are fundamental to the human experience. We often think and speak in story form, culture is transmitted through stories, and we make sense of our lives through stories. As such, our personal identities are inextricably linked to our internal narration (admittedly, often impacted by external forces) of who we were, are, and want to be. In therapy, I see how stories actually shape peoples’ reality in that they construct and constitute what individuals see, feel, and do. So what could be easier to do than representing what we know best, our own lives?

Yet, I can tell you this act is anything but simple. The act of telling our own story can be quite difficult, in part because we become the observing subject and object of scrutiny, exploration, recollection, and introspection. Given that the best things in life are often difficult, I task you three to tell the story of your life. I ask that you engage your past, reflect on your present, and hypothesize about your future as you imagine it. As you work, I want you think about your life as if it were a book. What is the general plot? What are the key scenes that stand out thus far? What might the next chapter look like?


My Life in Graphs

As Alex’s roommate, this prompt felt like an extention of a larger conversation we’ve been having about the way we frame our lives.  Living with a psychology PhD candidate is as wonderful and mind dredging as you would expect, and this was a chance to put some of these conversations to paper. I chose to […]

The Wonderfully Spectacular Journey of Meescha

Alex’s prompt provided the challenge of critically reflecting upon our life experiences then determining which of those moments stand out as important. My approach was to search my memory and gather as many moments that had left a visceral impression, even upon reflection. As I collected these moments (some good… and some not so good) […]

Watershed of Personal Influence

Watershed (noun) 1. The region or area drained by a river, stream, etc. 2. A critical point that marks a division or a change of course; a turning point.   Telling the story of one’s life is a daunting task. I spent a lot of time thinking about what aspects of a life might best represent […]


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